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I-40 across New Mexico ROCKS!!!
A colorful consist drags an eastbound out of Gallup, NM during late Jan 2000.

New road pix posted late June, 2000:

Amtrak Dash8-P40B '816' passes thru the 'Route 59' Metra station in Illinois on it's way to Quincy, IL / 21 Apr 2000

CP Rail SD40-2 '6620' on the western perimeter of Chicago's O'Hare Int'l Airport. / 22 Apr 2000

FURX Leasing '3034' in the middle of a consist passing thru Eola Yard, IL / Apr 2000

HLGX Leasing '6820' at Fairview Heights, IL / 6 Apr 2000
Big Ten Curve BNSF manifest moseys around the "Big Ten Curve" on the Moffet Subdivision in Colorado after leaving the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Jan 2000
Con 3005 Conrail GP40-2 leading a NS auto drag crosses a small bridge on the NS west of Centralia, IL / 3 Jun 2000
Con 3005 Same train as above approaching Albers, IL on the NS Kentucky Division / 3 Jun 2000
CON 3005 And my 9 yr old's first train pic - taken while pacing this one on Ill-161: GP40-2 '3005' leads a westbound on the NS west of Centralia, IL / Jun 3, 2000
CSX 8064CSX SD40-2 '8064' heading up an auto train at Fairview Heights, IL / 11 Apr 2000

BNSF 8842 BNSF SD70MAC '8842' leading a full coal drag slowly creeps across the elevated section of TRRA trackage on the St. Louis, MO waterfront. Soon the train will enter the short tunnels along the base of the famous "Gateway Arch." May 13, 2000

CNW 8661 Chicago & Northwestern Dash9-44CW '8661' leads a string of auto racks past the National Museum of Transportation, near St. Louis. MO. Feb 14, 2000

CN 5717 Canadian National SD75I '5717' creeps onto Alton & Southern property at Mitchell, IL having just crossed over the diamond at Lenox Tower. April 4, 2000

CSX 7756 CSX Dash8-40CW '7756' rounds a bend at Fairview Heights, IL leading a westbound manifest. May 4, 2000

Metra 190 Metra F40PHM-2 '190' "Winnebago" departs westbound from the Route 59 Metra station on the BNSF "Racetrack." April 21, 2000

NS 3206 Norfolk Southern SD40 '3206' is the second unit of a northbound manifest that has just departed Mt. Vernon, IL. April 30, 2000

SP 7804 Southern Pacific B30-7 '7804' sits idle at a level crossing in Pontoon Beach, IL. April 29, 2000

SP 8276 Southern Pacific SD40T-2 'Tunnel Motor' '8276' on the Alton & Southern property at Mitchell, IL. May 14, 2000

SP 8594 Southern Pacific SD40-2 '8594' rests at Dupo, IL.

UP 1935 Union Pacific GP38-2L '1935' drags a very short manifest near the National Museum of Tranportation, outside St. Louis, MO on Feb 16, 2000.

UP 3765 SD40-2 '3765' leads a southbound manifest at Ina, Illinois while a northbound consist waits on the siding for a couple trains to pass before being given the signal to proceed northbound to Mt. Vernon, IL. April 30, 2000

UP 6066 SD60 '6066' heads up a typical TOFC on the through tracks at Roseville, CA. Dec 24, 1999

Original pix:

Westbound "California Zephyr" with DASH9-P42B '69' on the point near the Hirschdale Road exit off I-80, east of Truckee, CA / 1998

Amtrak Dash8-P32BWH '506' operating the afternoon "Ann Rutledge" service from Kansas City to Chicago whips past the National Museum of Transport near St. Louis / Feb 2000

Westbound Amtrak California F59PHI '2008' passes the scenic overlook at Gately / Pinole California / Jan 2000

A colorful lash-up of BNSF power at Palmer Lake, CO. SD40-2 '7924' (BN green), B23-7 '6357' (SF yellow), SD40-2 '8017' (Heritage 1) and Dash8-40CW '944' (Superfleet) creep around the lake with a southbound manifest / 31 Jan 2000

BNSF SD70MAC '9442' and company at road speed pass by the modest passenger platform at Fraser / Winter Park CO with an eastbound manifest / 3 Feb 2000

BNSF SD70MAC '9460' and company hit the S-Curve just north of Palmer Lake, CO working a southbound coal train / Feb 2000

BNSF SD70MAC '9593' and company work a southbound coal train up the grade at Greenland, CO / Feb 2000

"Super Fleet " Santa Fe Dash9-44CW '618' makes the rounds at Palmer Lake Colorado / Feb 2000

"Super Fleet " Santa Fe Dash9-44CW '666' and BNSF Dash9-44CW '4856' with an eastbound empty double-stack at Gately / Pinole California / Jan 2000

Same train as above ("Super Fleet " Santa Fe Dash9-44CW '666' and Dash9-44CW '4856') "go residential" at Gately / Pinole California / Jan 2000. This must be a fun place to live!!!

Southern Pacific AC4400CW '230' and company lead an empty coal train back into the Colorado Front Range moments after passing over the "Big Ten Curve" / Feb 2000

UP '5532' and company drag a manifest past the National Museum of Transport near St. Louis / Feb 2000

More scanning to do - more pix to come!!

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