Mystery Color Scheme

Mystery TI DC-9-15MC

I did not shoot this photo. It was taken at Denver's Stapleton International most likely during summer 1982. I spotted this particular airplane wearing this color scheme only once. To make a long story short, I had just deplaned in Denver from a Continental 727 from San Antonio. I had just arrived from USAF Basic Training, enroute to Technical Training at nearby Lowry AFB. I was in formation and wasn't able to photograph the airplane myself but I managed to do what a spotter does best: note the tail number. I never saw the aircraft again in these colors. It was only that morning (July 7, 1982) at the San Antonio airport that I learned of the impending merger of Texas International into Continental. It is therefore no surprise that this aircraft was parked at a Continental gate in Denver (note the TWA, Delta and Frontier aircraft in the background, parked on the 'D' concourse - Texas International's old "home". According to an edition of Jet Airliner Production List this aircraft (MSN 47055 / LN 194) was bought by Air National on July 31, 1982; just 24 days after I saw it. My questions are these:

1. Was this a proposed revision of the Texas International scheme that never came to fruition because of the merger?
2. Was this aircraft painted in this modified TI scheme for ease of transition to Air National?
3. This basic cheatline arrangement appeared on at least one other Air National DC-9 Series 10 (N70AF - see the book Deregulation Knockouts p.74 bottom photo). Did Air National adopt this cheatline arrangement from N1305T as their own color scheme (not an uncommon occurance)?

I found this photo at an airline memorbilia show some time in the recent past. I do not know who shot it, nor do I know the exact date. I do know that it certainly could have been taken the very same day I saw it -- a slim possibility but possible nonetheless.

One final note about my USAF Technical Training at Lowry AFB, CO:
United inagurated 767 service (UA #1767 O'Hare-Denver) on September 8, 1982. Happily, my lunchtime coincided with this historic event and I was able to witness the arrival of the first-ever passenger flight of the Boeing 767, operated by N606UA 'City of Chicago'. Interestingly, on August 30, 1982 and prior to the inagural flight, N606UA was spotted by me in Denver at the United maintenance facility wearing the name 'City of Denver' (photo proof exists). Did this aircraft just happen to wear BOTH city names (on different sides) at the same time specifically for the inagural service?? I cannot answer this question myself as I do not have photos of both sides of the aircraft taken on August 30 or September 9. To this day, N606UA is named City of Chicago while N607UA is named City of Denver and both aircraft wear the most current United Airlines color scheme.

Airmail Moe! please if ya have any clues
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