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BNSF 9974
BNSF SD70MAC '9974' heads up a loaded southbound coal train. Shot on Feb 7, 2000 between Larkspur and Palmer Lake, Colorado.


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I want to personally thank the Webmasters of these and other railroad websites for their contributions to the hobby:

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Being new to the art / sport of railfanning, I am a newbie when it comes to photographing trains. I started seriously shooting them in late 1999. At first, I was content with shooting "roster" type photos around the northern California area. After doing some reading and further research on the web on what makes for memorable train photos, I have expanded my efforts. I have started "chasing" trains across the country side, scoping out locations to shoot trains in action. Though I've been an aviation photographer for over 20 years and listening to airband on the scanner for about 13, I'm still just getting my feet wet with the trains. I have a lot to learn about trains, especially identifying specific locomotive types and learning about train symbols. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos of some of my initial efforts.

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